Editing Services

2013  Teachers Training Needs Analysis: Final Report by Arnold Kukari, Medi Reta, and Patricia Paraide. National Research Institute. 52 pages.

2012   Report on Forum Disability Ministers Meeting 2, Department for Community Development, 50 pages (2012).
2011   Edited Social Protection Final Report, Department for Community Development, 150 pages (2011).
2010  Edited Report on Social Protection Policy. National Taskforce on Social Protection Policy. Department of Community Development. 90 pages. (2010)
2010    Edited Marleen Toliman’s manuscript: Diligence. 40 pages. (2010)

2010    Proofread PNG Women’s Association. Report. PNG Country Update. 115 pages. (2010)

2010  Edited National Research Institute. Manuscript. Evaluation of OBE Curriculum.130pages. (2010)
2010    Edited Buimo Prison Writers anthology manuscript. 150 pages. (2010)

2009    Translation of a Concept Paper, Lutheran University of Papua New Guinea. 4 pages. (2010).

2000    Proofread Development of Administrative Law in Papua New Guinea by Eric L Kua, S Bhalla, G. Murua, G. Linge, D. Tennent, and G. Yapao. Port Moresby: School of Law and Business Studies, UPNG (2000).

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