Saturday, April 26, 2014

Business Communication Tools

The topic of good writing and communication surfaced at this time of the year for many students in the education programs around the country. Good writing and communication lead to success and achievement of one’s goals in the end. Those who succeed in their education are good communicators using good writing tools and knowledge.

Good writing and communication is also important in work, business, government, and all works of life in this modern world.

The importance of good writing is obvious to me, but it may not be to many people. Writing is a skill we learn to use for our benefit. Once we have the benefit of writing we can communicate with a broad range of people in our society.

Working for example with Professor Pulapa Subba Rao, the Pro Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, at the University of Papua New Guinea I began to understand the tenacity and rigor of the good professor. He works hard at making sure there are no misunderstanding in the communication process. He writes with efficiency and ease, the various tasks he undertakes in a day.

One day Professor Subba Rao gave me a copy of a book he co-wrote with others and published in 2012. The second impression of the book is dated 2014.  The book is entitled: Business Communication and published by the Cengage Learning in India.

The co-authors of the book are Pulapa Subba Rao, B. Anita Kumar, and C. Hima Bindu.  They are professionals with vast experiences in teaching and business management. Publishing a book on business communication seems the best thing to do. Professor Subba Rao and Professor Hima are in the business of teaching business executives.

Professor Subba Rao is a teacher, researcher, trainer, consultant, academic administrator and author in the areas of business and management with a blend of national and international systems and cultures. He is the founding professor of Business Administration and Convener of the Executive MBA program in the School of Business Administration. He now serves as the Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic and Students Affairs), at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Professor Kumar is was a professor of Management at SK Institute of Management, SK University, Anantapur, AP in India. She has authored various books and published articles. She has trained executives, bank officers, and teachers on communication skills and has also offered consultancy in communication and human resource management to various organizations.

Dr. Bindu, on the other hand, is a business executive manager of a company. Dr. Bindu is the President of Cybernit Software Solutions Limited, Pleasanton, California, USA. She has a wide range of experiences in managing human resources, finances, and marketing of software products. She has conducted training programs in various areas including communication skills, personality development, motivation, counseling and leadership skills.

With these sets of experiences and knowledge it is no surprise to have all three authors publish a book called Business Communication.

Business Communication is a comprehensive textbook meant for management students, pursuing a course on business communication. This book will enable readers to understand concepts and acquire necessary communication skills that would help in shaping their personalities.

The authors promise readers of the book that it will help them acquire abilities to deal with the global business and life situations appropriately. It includes topics relating to technology, legal and ethical aspects of business, employment messages, employment interview, and global and cross-cultural communication.

A scan through the book reveals that the authors have incorporated new technologies and changing environment of the global village. The book is useful for practitioners in all fields, including social, political, public, non-government and religious organizations. The book includes plenty of learning aids to facilitate easy grasp of concepts. These learning aids include examples, figures, tables, images, boxes, exhibits, and relevant suggestive situations for effective adaption of skills by readers.

Having a book such the Business Communication around is very important because effective communication is promoted in all business working environments.  There are many books on writing out there, but finding the right kind of books to suit one’s need is often a challenging experience.

Those of us in the teaching environment know that business students are the hardest to teach, because of the mindset that they deal with facts and figures, and have no time to learn how to communicate across a broad range of people in a business environment.

It is critical to have the right communication tools, skills, and knowledge to manage, control, and disseminate critical information to get the best results.

“Communication plays a vital role in business organizations,” the authors of Business Communication write in the preface of their book.

“Business organizations, particularly virtual organizations and their stakeholders, function in a close knit and highly collaborated environment with the help of the threads of communication network. Efficient communication networks prevent possible failure situations and events by feeding the data and information forward and help in making a business proposal a reality.”

The authors believe that skills of communication help develop the business skills of individuals with leadership management ambitions.

 “Communication as a part of soft skills enriches the personalities of budding managers, who in turn contribute to the success of a business even during the early stages of their careers. In addition, communication skills enable the students to acquire dynamism and self-confidence in facing various business and life lifting situations.”

As someone involved in training people with different levels of writing difficulties it is good to see a book such as Business Communication around.  The book includes chapters on understanding communication models, barriers in communication, oral communication, business presentations and listening, written communication or how to write effectively, reports and proposal writing, writing business letters, memoranda, and emails. 

Many aspects of business communication are also presented in the book. Some of which are non-verbal communication, mass media communications and public relations management, meetings, and cross-cultural and global communication.

It is a tool for effective business communication that every business organizations must have in the work place.


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