Friday, January 20, 2012

Moving Forward

I was honored to speak at Waigani Primary School Speech Day on 08 December 2011. The following is an edited version of my speech. In his book, Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, Brian Tracy says: “You can learn anything you need to learn, to accomplish any goal you can set for yourself. This principle offers the way for you to take complete control over your future.”

I urged the graduating students to take complete control of their life and future: “This is not an easy rule, but it is definitely simple,” as one would agree with Brian Tracy. Everyone can be anything they want to be once they have set their goals for themselves and work on achieving such goals.

One of the greatest President of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” In realizing our Independence some 36 years ago our founding fathers had no doubt about the future of this great nation. They moved forward with strong and active faith into the future.

I asked students to think about the journey they have taken so far. Their graduation ended one part of their journey. This year they will begin another phase of their journey onward. Their future is still ahead of them. Every grade they completed was a different phase of their lives.

Students learn to do better every grade they go in their education. It is not the end result that is important; it is the process itself that makes one learn something more important to one’s life. Going forward is only possible when one learns to go forward. Having a goal is a push to move forward.

I urged students to think about what they would become by the time they reach the university level. I spoke about two goals I had set for myself and achieved.

Samuel Wrondimi and Cheryl Winduo

I was also a proud parent that day also to witness the graduation of Grade Eight Students at Waigani Primary School. My daughter Cheryl was among the graduating students. The joy I had in seeing her graduate was also the same happiness other parents and guardians had in seeing their children pass through Grade Eight last year.

I challenged all grade eight students to perform at a higher level in which ever secondary schools they will enter this year. Our education system is for those who work hard and are willing to learn in order to reach their goals. It is not for those who are lazy and unwilling to learn. It is not for those with unrealistic expectations, but for those who are willing to learn, skill themselves, and put these to work for them, their families, and Papua New Guinea.

Waigani Primary School is one of the top primary schools in the country because of its principal, teachers, and the Board of Management who have led that school with distinction throughout the years. The school has attracted many national and international events and visitors. The school has produced Ambassadors, pilots, accountants, lawyers, engineers, archectects, businessmen, public servants, teachers, lecturers, etc.

Three years ago I was privileged to fly in an Air Niugini plane captained by a female pilot, who graduated from Waigani Primary school. That made me real proud of Waigani Primary School. The message here is: We can fly high to reach the stars.

Thank you to the principal and hard working teachers for making the school a role model school in the National Capital District and the country.

I challenged parents, guardians, and friends of the school to engage proactively next year to support and cooperate with those who run the school: “It is our school—we must give our time and support in whatever way we can to make our school the best learning environment for our children.”

The graduating students were challenged to take full control of their lives.

“The decisions that you make now will lead you to where you want to be. If you have a negative attitude in life you will always end up with negative results. If you take a positive approach in life you will end up with positive results. TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE is what I want you to do in your life. Take control of your attitude, behaviors, and actions. Those who end up on the streets, become unemployed, become drug users, become criminals, become liabilities to their families, experience negative results, and struggle to succeed are those who refused to take control of their lives.”

The students were encouraged to think ahead of the future: “Many of you here today will become the pillars and shoulders on which our nation rests on. I hope that you will lead based on the value of positive mind-set you develop now. Our country is a fast changing society. It needs all of you to contribute to its development in whatever way you can in future. The jobs that you will do in future will depend on the values you develop at this stage in your life. I am asking you today to develop a set of values that will make you become a useful member of our society.”

My concluding remarks: “I congratulate all the graduating students for completing their Grade Eight at Waigani Primary School. You are our pride and ambassadors of our school. Go out there and make us proud. Fly high to reach the stars.” Let’s move forward with strong and active faith without doubting the present.

I thanked all the teachers, parents, guardians, supporters, and friends of Waigani Primary School for making it possible for our children to stay in school and complete their education. WELL DONE.

I acknowledge Mrs. Catherine Moresi—the Principal, Mr. Toso, Senior teacher, all teachers of Waigani Primary, Dr. John Kola and all Board of Management of the School who gave me the opportunity to speak in 2011 Speech Day of the School.

Family and Friends (with Wrondimi and Wafiwa Family):
Cheryl Winduo (front left) and Samuel Wrondimi's (behind camera)
Waigani Primary Graduation
at Port Moresby National High School 08/12/2011.

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