Friday, January 6, 2012

For Your Indulgence

Lotus Plants, or Buddha;s Tears



One of my committment this year 2012 is to keep this blog busy.  I will reopen the print version of this blog with The National newspaper of Papua New Guinea, starting next Friday. Here is a sneak preview of the first article for this year. Visit this blog as often as you can and indulge yourself in some creative ideas and discussions.

I asked myself if the column Steven's Window I created is of any value to me as a writer. I have given a lot of thoughts about it. At first I wanted to close the window for ever. As it turned out the loyal followers of Steven’s Window seem unrelenting in that the window must open again.

I did resist the temptation to open the window last year. This year is a new chapter in our lives. We have to pick up from where we have fallen and move on. The world is changing every second.

So many things happened in the year 2011 that were not brought to those who follow Steven’s Window column. I was unable to contribute anything for the column. I watched, the world go by, beginning with the political whirlwind and change of regimes in the world: Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Lybia; USA captures and executes Osama bin Ladin, earthquake in Christchurch, then Japan’s worst Tsunami and near nuclear disaster, and at the home front, the change of the guards between the Somare group and the O’Neill group, and the worst ever plane crash in PNG. It was a year of change that history books will return to time and time again.

As for me I had to operate in two different countries in 2011. The first six months was spent in Hawaii, USA and the next six months in Papua New Guinea. I had to teach in two different universities with two different systems in one year.

Read more in next week Friday's The Weekender of The National newspaper of Papua New Guinea.

Best wishes for this year to you all.

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