Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Using Media Technologies for Cultural Expressions

Young Cultural Dancer at Waigani Primary School 2009
The quick pace of electronic media development in the world has no time to wait for people like me. Until recently, more specifically, a month ago, I found myself, entering the world of Facebook as a reluctant traveller. Like so many people I know about these technological innovations that are shaping the world second by second and minute by minute. Like many people, the decision to participate in these technologies, is one of experiment and see where it leads me to.

Apart from discovering many people I know on Facebook I also realized that there are many wonderful things one could do with electronic media technologies. Apart from developing one’s own social network you can have instant communication with friends online, share conversations on common topics, post notices, links to news and information of interests, and even share photographs and videos. One could easily do that with mobile phones, laptops, or from a desktop anywhere in the world.

I have been keeping a blog: http://www.stevenswindow.blogspot.com  for along time that when I discovered I could link my blog to my Facebook page I was thrilled. Now I can update my blog every week and have it linked to the Facebook as a way of sharing my thoughts and experiences as posted on my blog. Since I moved to Hawaii five months ago I hardly wrote every week or have any PNG visitors to my blog. Now with a link to my Facebook and a redesigned home page I have a slow trickle of visitors from PNG to the blog.

I have already shared two recent posts on my blog with readers and Facebook friends. Now I am posting a short videoclip of Waigani Primary School Cultural Day in 2009. The video captures the cultural pride displayed by our children in their schools. My children like other children in their school enjoy participating in their school cultural days.

This short video, I hope, will inspire others to take advantage of the electronic media technologies at our doorsteps by using them to promote cultural pride in our people. There are already hundreds of short videos on the internet, especially on YouTube. Some of them are very good that I have found them as useful teaching materials. Imagine if we have millions of short videos made by Papua New Guineans about themselves it could change the way other people see us.  My favourite is this video "Moresby Modern Trailer".

Visual image is a powerful medium today. For example, PNG music videos that people enjoy watching are popular to many PNG viewers. Some of these are now available on the internet.

Making good short video documentaries that many people can access and enjoy is good, but I think making full video documentaries is one challenge for Papua New Guineans to think about. The reasons for full length documentaries are many. This year’s Oscar nominated film "Sun Come Up", for example is a video documentary about rising sea levels and the associated catastrophy on small island communities in PNG.

I have benefited from using previews of film documentaries made by non Papua New Guineans about Papua New Guinea. I am looking forward to the day when Papua New Guineans will take up the challenge to make their own full length film documentaries and feature films soon that can touched the world.



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